Tuesday, May 13, 2014

bits + pedacitos

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roaming old book and record shops, walking down heat ridden streets and cooling off any way possible.

vagando por tiendas de viejos discos y libros, caminando calles que emanan excesivo calor y después tratando de enfirarnos de cualquier manera posible.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

the emptiness in the after / el vacío del después

this is a small "moving picture" and a collection of photographs i took on my last trip back home (Peru) on the first month since my uncle´s passing, to commemorate him. what stood out the most for me was noticing all the empty spaces i found not only in places where he had been, but in moments. he was always a vessel of happiness, an anchor full of love in this large family. we celebrated him through remembrance, laughter, games, tears. i am infinitely grateful i was able to make the trip because i feel closer than ever to my family... and to him. he will be forever remembered and cherished.

este es un pequeño video y una colección de fotos que tomé en mi último viaje a casa (Perú) a un mes del fallecimiento de mi tío a conmemorarlo. me llamó la atención el enorme vacío que encontré, no solo en lugares que frecuentaba, sino en momentos. siempre fue una fuente de alegría, una ancla llena de amor, en esta gran familia. fue celebrado a través de recuerdos, risa, juegos, lágrimas. me siento infinitamente agradecida de poder haber hecho este viaje porque me siento más cerca que nuca a mi familia... y a el. será siempre recordado y adorado.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

happy moment / momento felíz

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I received a mail this morning that made the sun shine more than usual. I am so thankful.

Hi Claudia —
Thanks for uploading your project Nature / Landscape. We've just published it on LensCulture, so now thousands of photography lovers can discover you and your great work. We hope you like the presentation as much as we do.
We strongly encourage you to share your project on Facebook and Twitter as well as with your entire personal network, since sharing will help you gain exposure to an even larger audience for your inspiring work.
Jim Casper and the Editorial Team at LensCulture

you can view the publication HERE

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

her world / su mundo

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her world: naps, playful daddy, tickly beard, kitty, tiny scabs, big deal, first cable car ride, first concert, late night, dreamy eyes.

honored to be witness to her world.

su mundo: siestas, papito juguetón, barba picosa, gatito, costra chica, drama grande, primer viaje en trolebús, primer concierto, noche larga, mirada soñadora.

honrada de ser testigo de su mundo.